The Stokkoyart Residency is a non for profit residency hosted by Bygda2.0 and supported by Åfjord Municipality and Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design (UAL). The residency is based on the island of Stokkoya in Norway and offers opportunities for contemporary artists to live and work on Stokkoya with a focus on artistic experimentation and collaboration.

The residency places a strong focus on collaboration and revolves around site specific art making. The studio is based in an old brewery by the sea and the artists have access to wood workshop facilities and office- and research spaces. The collaborative nature of the residency offers a unique occation for artists to discover their own entrenched habits when met with new ideas and new ways of working. Further the residency is investigated in collective vs. individual capacities and the development of scaleable models of alternative ways to create wealth.

The long-term commitment by the hosts Bygda 2.0, Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London Bygda 2.0, and Aafjord Council, allow for artists from across the world to think and re-think their practice


The Stokkoyart Residency is an artist led initiative established in 2012 in response to the vision to re-think the rural areas in Norway. In 2050, more then 70 % of the worlds population will be living in cities and a substantial part of the skills and expertise will be lost from the rural areas. At the same time there will be a growing demand for food and natural ressources from the bigger cities. It is therefore crucial to search for alternative models for rural renewal.  Bygda 2.0 has become a living example of what the future village could look like. Here, sustainable architecture, excellent local produce, and a focus on art and culture have become the driving forces in the rebuilding of the area.

For more information about the vision and the project please visit the Bygda 2.0 website:

The people behind Stokkoyart are:

Ingrid Langklopp

Torrild Langklopp

Roar Svenning

Kirsten  Bertelsen